Welcome message from the Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa - Tsagaropoulou

Meet the Region of Ionian Islands

We are an island Region endowed by nature and by history. We have rich cultural characteristics, a privileged and secure geopolitical position, an international tourism identity and a quality human resource.

The Region of the Ionian Islands has its administrative headquarters in Corfu and administrative structures in each Regional Unit (Corfu, Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Lefkada, and a Province in Ithaca). Small and large islands coexist in close proximity to each other, with a harmony of nature and culture which is enriched by the extrovert and hospitable character of the inhabitants.

The Ionian Islands have put their stamp on the history and economy of our country and Europe. They have been the bridge between East and West and a crossroads of peoples, cultures and synergies.

Today, the Ionian Islands look to the future with claims to their place in an evolving, competitive world and to their distinct identity. They are preparing for the transformation of their economy, smart and quality infrastructure, modern solid waste management and climate change management, for quality of life and sustainable development with intra-regional and social cohesion.


To live, travel, study, work and invest in the Ionian Islands is a privilege and a unique experience