A small marvel


You can reach Meganisi by ferry from the port at the town of Lefkada or from Nydri, as well as by private taxi boat or yacht. The ride is approximately 30-40 minutes long and offers a splendid view to the Ionian Sea. Alternatively, you can rent a private boar or yacht and explore the coastline of Meganisi at your own pace. Thanks to its natural beauty and prevailing peacefulness, Meganisi is a favorite destination for lovers of private yacht journeys. Besides, the island is home to the excellent Odysseas Marina, which has turned Meganisi into an even more irresistible destination for loves of this particular type of tourism. 


The small island of Meganisi is full of natural beauty and culture. There are three main villages: Vathy, Katomeri, and Spartochori, each with its own unique charm and character.

Vathy, the main port of the island, is a picturesque fishing village with colorful houses, a small beach, and a port full of traditional fishing boats and trawls. 

Katomeri, at the heart of the island, is a picturesque village with narrow streets, whitewashed houses, and a central square with plane trees. Visitors can wander the streets, appreciate the local architecture, and stop at the local bakery for a taste of the island’s famous pastries.

Spartochori, perched on a hill with a view to the Ionian Sea, is the most scenic of the three villages. Thanks to its splendid view, traditional coffehouses and taverns, Spartochori is an ideal place for a romantic dinner or cocktail while admiring the sunset.

Leaving its beautiful villages aside, Meganisi is equally famous for its pleasant beaches and coves. There are secluded coves and rocky recesses surrounded by crystal waters scattered all over its coastline. A few beaches that you should definitely visit are Fanari, a small pebbled beach with turquoise waters and amazing view to the neighboring islands, and Limonari, a secluded cove with white sands and a small tavern that serves fresh seafood.

One of Meganisi’s natural landmarks that you should definitely not miss is Papanikolis Sea Cave, which is one of the largest and most impressive sea caves in the world. It is named after the submarine “Papanikolis”, which used the cave as base during the Second World War. It is nowadays used as shelter for rowboats and sailing boats.

There is another interesting spot for visitors located near Meganisi: the uninhabited islet of Kythros or Kothros, which hosts a site with remains of human presence that go back to paleolithic times. The area also features two inhabited islands, both of which are true sea jewels: Kastos (don’t miss visiting Fokotrypa Cave, whose interior conceals a small sandy beach) and Kalamos (a verdant islet that is still one of the best kept secrets of those who seek the ultimate peaceful getaway).


Despite its small size, Meganisi presents many options of activities available for visitors.

Swimming with or without a snorkel: Thanks to its crystal waters and secluded coves, Meganisi is a true paradise for swimmers and spearfishing enthusiasts. Visitors can explore the island’s underwater world, observe colorful fishes and sea turtles, or even explore ancient shipwrecks.

Hiking and cycling: With its verdant hills and labyrinthine roads, Meganisi is a perfect destination for hiking and cycling lovers. Visitors can follow one of the island’s many trails, which offer a magnificent view to the sea and the nearby islands, or rent a bike and explore the villages and beaches, making stops wherever they prefer best.

Boat tours and sailing: Considering its secluded bays and hidden coves, Meganisi is best explored by boat. Visitors can rent a private boat or participate in a group tour and discover the island’s hidden gems, such as its sea caves, unfrequented beaches, and uninhabited islands.

Sea sports: For lovers of adrenaline, Meganisi offers a variety of sea sports, including jet skiing, water skiing, and wakeboarding. Visitors can rent equipment and enjoy a fascinating tour along its coastline.

Fishing: Meganisi is a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts due to its rich sea life and traditional fishing culture. Visitors can take part in fishing tours and learn about the traditional techniques employed by locals, or try their luck at catching their own dinner.

Relaxation and wellness: The calm atmosphere and magnificent natural environment make Meganisi a perfect destination for relaxation and wellness. Visitors can enjoy a spa treatment, take a yoga class on the beach, or just immerse themselves into the serene atmosphere of the island.

Culture and flavors

Besides the above activities, Meganisi also offers a variety of local events and festivals throughout the year, such as traditional feasts, music and dance events, and cultural festivals. Visitors can become acquainted with the island’s unique culture and traditions, and immerse themselves into the local lifestyle, such as by exploring the ancient ruins of the Temple of Athens, built around the 4th century B.C., or by appreciating the magnificent architecture of the Church of Saint Nicholas, regarded as one of the major religious sites of Meganisi.

Lovers of good food will also have a lot to enjoy at Meganisi, because the island presents a variety of exquisite local dishes. From fresh seafood to traditional Greek recipes, the restaurants of Meganisi present a delight to satisfy all palates. Some of the local specialties that you should taste are the oven-cooked octopus and potatoes and squids with black rice, which are prepared with local ingredients. You should also not miss the opportunity to taste Meganisi’s famous high quality local wines.

The small island of Meganisi has great charm and natural beauty. Thanks to its picturesque villages, magnificent beaches, and diverse range of available activities, Meganisi is a perfect destination for tourists who wish the explore the undisclosed pristine beauty of Greek islands. So, pack your bags and experience magical vacations in this hidden gem of the Ionian Sea!


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Events calendar

13 Σεπτέμβριου 2023
MEGANISI 15/09/2023

Festival of Agios Vissarion

Δειτε την εκδήλωση

15 September

MEGANISI 15/08/2023

Panagia Festival

Δειτε την εκδήλωση

15 August

Thematic tourism

Sea Tourism

Despite being a small island, Meganisi is not without its fair share of beautiful beaches, the most prominent of which are Agios Ioannis, a secluded beach with crystal blue waters and amazing view to the surrounding mountains, Limonaru, a pebbled beach, and the small beach at Spartochori, which is ideal for families with children due to its calm and shallow waters. Owing to its crystal waters and hidden coves, Meganisi is a veritable paradise for swimmers and spearfishers. Visitors can explore the island’s underwater landscapes, track colorful fishes and sea turtles, or even discover ancient shipwrecks. The island also offers a variety of sea sports, such as jet skiing, water skiing, and wakeboarding.

Thanks to its rich sea life and traditional fishing culture, Meganisi is a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts. Visitors may take part in a fishing tour and learn about the techniques employed by locals, or even try their luck at catching their own dinner!

Gastronomic tourism and Wine tourism

The Ionian Islands offer a rich and diverse cuisine, a blend of traditional Greek gastronomy and influences from other cultures. By emphasizing locally produced ingredients and the power of taste, it is made evident that the Ionian Islands are a special destination for all food lovers.

The Ionian Islands are famous for their “trademark” tasteful qualities, combining traditional Greek dishes with influences from the Italian, Turkish, and Venetian cuisine. The islands offer a wealth of fresh local ingredients such as fish, seafood, olive oil, vegetables, herbs, and wines. Their gastronomy constitutes a unique experience that is bound to thrill and delight all connoisseurs of fine food. 

Each Ionian Island features a variety of traditional recipes and dishes which are unique to the region.

Palamidi sto Keramidi – A dish revered by demanding foodies, consisting of bonito that is cooked on an actual roof tile and served with an olive oil and lemon dressing.

Bakaliaros – Codfish, potatoes and lemon casserole.

Chtapodi fournou me patates (oven-cooked octopus with potatoes) – An interesting savory variation of the favorite octopus recipe. 

Promada – Slices of roasted bread, dressed with olive oil and served with tomato, cucumber, and herbs. It is a traditional dish that the island’s restaurants serve as appetizer.

Kokotos – This delicious recipe of braised rooster and pasta emerged due to the proximity of Meganisi to Lefkada, and it stands as a perfect “time out” from fish and seafood dishes.

Maridopita – A pie recipe from Lefkada with a distinctive spicy taste, which is favorite of Meganisi’s denizens.